Locus Sonus

''Peter Sinclair: Other Kinds of Sound Environment'', Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana

exhibition and performances with RoadMusic

14– 23 Sept. 2016, Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana
Opening: Wednesday, Sept. 14. at 8.00pm

The exhibition Other Kinds of Sound Environment will present the projects: NewAtlantis, RoadMusic and Locus Sonus Stream Project. The event accompanying the exhibition offer’s free rides around the streets of Ljubljana in cars equipped with the RoadMusic application. The author will be present to answer your questions and the cars will be driven by local artists.
With RoadMusic (in-time, in-situ performance) the music played is generated by the car itself: vibrations of the car on the road, recognizable movements (accelerations, gear changes, bends etc.) and the passing landscape all participate to create a soundscape inside the car. RoadMusic remodels the audio-visual-tactile experience particular to driving a car, constructing a musical narrative as the route unfolds. In modern cars, the infotainment system has become the default audio source that replaces the soundscape from which we are hermetically sealed off. RoadMusic re-creates a link between the situation of driving and what we listen to, while maintaining the notion of musical composition.

Beside RoadMusic the exhibition will present two sound works that reflect the nature of sound space and are led by Peter Sinclair and his research unit Locus Sonus. New Atlantis is a shared (multi-user) online virtual world dedicated to audio experimentation and practice. Unlike most online worlds where image is the primary concern, in New Atlantis sound comes first. New Atlantis is a collaborative project initiated by Peter Sinclair, Locus Sonus in the context of a transatlantic exchange with SAIC (School of the arts Institute Chicago, USA). NA provides a context for sound artists and students to create projects that explore the relationship between sound, virtual 3D image and interactivity. It is a place to organize virtual sound installations, online concerts, soundwalks and other audiovisual art experiences. Locus Sonus Stream Project is a network of open microphones that stream the captured audio environment live from locations spread around the globe to our server. Over the last ten years this project has developed to become a worldwide pooled resource used by numerous artists and enjoyed by countless listeners. Locus Sonus Sound Map visualizes the live microphones that are open worldwide. The visitor can navigate the sound sources via a web browser. Using and/or participating in the stream project implies questioning ‘traditional’ listening and compositional practices where audio content is pre-determined. It raises questions regarding ‘real-time’ and ‘real-space’ what it means to be somewhere.

Production: CONA Institute for Contemporary Art Processing, 2016
Partners: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art Ljubljana and Locus Sonus, Aix-en-Provance, France
Sponzor: BMW
Institute CONA programmes are supported by the Culture Department of the Municipality of Ljubljana; CONA’s projects are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the RS.
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