Locus Sonus


The ‘lab’ consists of a permanent team of three people: Two co-directors of research ‑ composer Jerome Joy and sound artist Peter Sinclair – and Anne Roquigny, who is responsible for coordination and administration. Locus Sonus is maintained collectively by two art schools (ESA Aix and ENSA Bourges). A complementary structure in the form of a non-profit association handles artistic production and public events.

Locus Sonus hosts doctoral students engaged in practice based PhDs in collaboration and co-supervision with with AMU (Aix Marseille University). The lab also hosts artists in residence whose work in general or specific project responds to one or another aspect of current research. During these residencies of variable duration, Locus Sonus’ role is to provide theoretical and technical accompaniment. Other affiliates include postdoctoral researchers, technicians, programmers, and associated artists and researchers.

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